Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Breakfast with Santa picture! 
Jerry had some questions this year.  Where are your reindeer?  Where is your sack?
No screams from Haddie this year - she even told him that she wanted him to bring her a new baby.
;) No  prob. Santa.
After, we went to the community children's Christmas party. 
Then to Pawpaw's for taco Thanksgiving dinner.
Then was the La Posada Parade.  Bridgette, Harley, Brady, Taylor & Ellie were on a float for the Vet Clinic.  The Jerrys' were on the kid's school float.  Although we could not spot Jerry because

Soccer season is OVER!!  Go Lil' Dragons!!!
 Such little legs! I believe he scored a total of two goals in this season of herding cats - in the right goal too.
Really cute trophy.

Jerry caught checking out the older ballerinas. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hadley Ballerina

Haddie had her first ballet & tap dance lesson yesterday evening.  SHE LOVED IT!!!!  She absolutely loved it!  I tried to follow her into the studio - I was worried about her being shy - about her having to change shoes mid-class.  But she literally pushed me back and yelled "Bye Mom"  twice.  Jerry's Awana's teacher from our church was there with her daughter - the whole scene made her laugh - she said "I guess she is ready to dance and doesn't need you mom!  I just handed the teacher her tap shoes and let her go.  Her brother had issues with the situation.  You could tell it concerned him greatly - that Haddie was behind a closed door - and she didn't need him.  He is her protector and comforter - and she didn't need him to hold her hand.  She even yelled at him that dancing was for "gurls!"  He could not settle - he never asked if he could go dancing too - he was just worried about his sister.  I had to call his father to pick him up - so he go home and get distracted by Halloween. Haddie has sat patiently (and impatiently) on the soccer sidelines all season.  So for right now, dancing is just for gurls!   
 I joined the other family members peeking through the small opening between the curtain and window sill. I watched her dance with her classmates and teacher doing little bounces and plies.  The teacher kept their hands occupied by having them hold on to brightly colored caterpillars.  Then they switched shoes - tap shoes (which seems to be Haddie's favorite) - and put on butterfly wings.  They were so slippery-the dancers were having a hard time remaining on their feet.   
Sorry the video is sideways - but it is the only way I could squeeze the camera in to capture the dance.  She is growing up to quickly!!  Her features/body is changing - moving from that plump toddler mode to looking like a "big gurl".

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

From Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Hair Needs Mowing!

The glue & tape are holding!!!  
Wednesday was crazy hair day at the kids program at church.  We sprayed his hair green and bobby pinned some bugs & lizards for a over grown back yard on his head.  We kept teasing him that his daddy was going to mow it.  But he said that the lawn mower was too big.  Jerry is also sporting his new Cubbies vest.  He has passed his first level (memorizing 3 verses & motto) in Awanas (sort of Sunday School & Scouting combined).  We had a hard time with the first line to memorize - the Cubbies Motto:  Jesus love me.  
Just three words.  Seems simple enough...  
       Jerry can you say the Cubbies Motto:  Jesus loves me.
"Jesus loves YOU!"
No... Jesus loves ME
What's the Cubbies Motto?  Jesus...
"Jesus loves YOU!"
Not YOU.... ME.  Like the song
The Cubbies Motto is: Jesus Loves ME
Whats the Cubbies Motto?
"Jesus loves YOU, Mom!"
This went on for several days - but two days before Awanas he finally got it and quickly memorized his other verses.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip to the ER



Yesterday, Jerry tripped and hit is head on the edge of the table at school.   It took 4 nurses and his mother to hold him down (while he was papoosed in a blanket) to tape & glue his cut back together.  It was only a 3 1/2 hour wait at the ER - record timing last time we went it was nearly 8 hours.  He is in great spirits and was mainly concerned about his blankie which had gotten covered in blood.  I followed through with the promises(bribes) during the ordeal with McDonald's, Ice Cream and a trip to visit the animals at the pet store. The poor kid was starving eating 4 chicken nuggets, a double cheese burger, apple dippers, and fries.   We are asking for prayers that the steri-strips and derma bond hold; otherwise, we will have to go back to Driscoll Children's Hospital for him to be sedated and then stitched. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Freshly Sharpened #2 Pencils and New Boxes of Crayons

Such excitement with the first day at school - you can just see it on their faces.   Jerry just about shoved us out the door as we dropped him off in his classroom with a quick & distracted "bye Mom, bye Dad."  Haddie was a little clingy but was excited to use the girls only bathroom.

They can bring their own pillow and blanket for nap time - .  I spent last evening sewing a pillow case and blanket for each of the kids.  Haddie had cupcakes and purple flowers on hers.   Big Jerry & I found US Navy fabric at the craft store for Little Jerry's - He was so excited- IT HAS BLUE ANGELS!!! 
He accidentally fell asleep trying it out.  His new blanket will never replace his old bankie.
Big Jerry  had a doctor's appointment that day as well so we took advantage the opportunity to spend the day together - had lunch, did a little shopping and went to the movies.  We saw The Help - so good!  I had bought the book on Saturday - about 1/2 through - so good!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Update & Pics from my phone...

It has been an eventful summer - good and not so good.   Jerry's younger brother Fred passed away - for reasons really unexplainable.  The death of a long time family pet (Ouija kitty @ 19 years old) just days before prepared the kids to handle and somewhat understand the death of their uncle.  Jerry still prays for his Uncle Fred at dinner. Haddie conquered potty training!!!  I had to have surgery- not fun - but I got to stay home with my kids for almost 3 1/2 weeks - fun & a blessing.    We had two family reunions.  One was an amazing trip to San Antonio that was such a R&R time for our little family - the other turned into a more of a rememberance and celebration of Fred - sad - but full of faith.  It was nice to see some of Jerry's family that we haven't seen since before Haddie was born.   Kids have been out for most of the  summer staying with NaNa and making a trip to  duckville - talk about a quiet house - eerie quiet.  After this summer Big Jerry & I decided that we are looking forward to getting back to the normal "rut" of work-school-home.  

Jerry & Taylor's Preschool Graduation - Jerry played the Spoon in Hey Diddle Diddle

One of those moments when every thing is too quiet and you just know that there is trouble...Nope, a nice  big brother reading Wet Dog  to his sister.

Haddie's fashion sense - wings & a Mohawk hat.

On July 2nd Jerry & celebrated our 6th aniversary.  4th of July - Since it had been just a few days after my surgery, we watched the fireworks on PBS and the illegal ones flying through the neighborhood instead of the usual trip to the aquarium.  We put on crazy hats, cooked hotdogs & smores on the redneck fire pit and built forts in the living room.  If you haven't seen Big Jerry's redneck fire pit - well...  It is a truck rim on a gas fryer stand and he is very proud of it....all I can say is that it works.

This would be a picnic in the dining room.

Washing babies in the kitchen.   Jerry would just fall over laughing-his baby would "pee" every time he lifted it from the water.

Pretend "Popcorn" for the movie

Pippi's first braids - had to corner in the bathroom to get a picture.  Since she has been potty trained I have been after her to sit a little more modestly.  Not her usual sitting in her car seat holding on to her toes with her legs straightened out  over her head.  She is reminded to sit like a little lady.  Her reply  "I NOT A LADY  - I GURL!!!!!" screamed from the back seat.    This past weekend BJ and I were hanging towels on the clothes line.  Haddie got frustrated with us not rushing over to her to put on her shoes so  that she  could come "help n me".  So she improvised...she put puppets on her feet...a duck  and a frog.  Meme said "That's MY girl!!"

Hooks game - Haddie loves to "kack" peanuts - I have to love being fed the wet peanuts.  Haddie got a smooch from her daddy captured on the Hooks Kiss Cam featured on the scoreboard- to a loud studium response of  "Aawwwe".

San Antonio Zoo was soooo HOT! Red faced we stopped for a drink. 

Very tired kids after a day of playing, music, eating fish tongues (fried shrimp) and swimming at the family reunion.

Eggs on toast - a childhood favorite of mine - that has become very popular with Jerry - 1/2 a soft boiled egg squished up with butter, salt & pepper on toast then cut into  9  bite size squares.  His current record stands at 2 eggs and 4 pieces of toast.

Jerry and Haddie playing on the porch.  By the expression on his face -you would think he was up to no good - but actually that would be his sister.   She discovered she could run through the sprinkler and get all wet, then wipe out his side walk chalk "letters" by laying on them and wiggling around.  So he sprawled out on his "letters" to protect them from his sister. He is very proud that he can write his name.   A "thumbs up fist bump"  is the cool thing to do in the McQueen household - according Lil' Jerry.