Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Breakfast with Santa picture! 
Jerry had some questions this year.  Where are your reindeer?  Where is your sack?
No screams from Haddie this year - she even told him that she wanted him to bring her a new baby.
;) No  prob. Santa.
After, we went to the community children's Christmas party. 
Then to Pawpaw's for taco Thanksgiving dinner.
Then was the La Posada Parade.  Bridgette, Harley, Brady, Taylor & Ellie were on a float for the Vet Clinic.  The Jerrys' were on the kid's school float.  Although we could not spot Jerry because

Soccer season is OVER!!  Go Lil' Dragons!!!
 Such little legs! I believe he scored a total of two goals in this season of herding cats - in the right goal too.
Really cute trophy.

Jerry caught checking out the older ballerinas. 

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